Once I tasted magic…

May 27, 2011

Ottawa Tulip Festival May 2011

Once I tasted magic and it was sweetly sublime.
Nothing seems to matter, no worries, no cares.
Indeed I was in no-time.

The awe of happen-stance, perfect synchronicity
displayed Bright before me.
Incredulous flutters of Joy, not in disbelief,
but ever reinforcing the belief
anything was possible in any moment.

An absolute surety that what was manifest is destiny.
A true understanding that “As a man thinketh, so is he.” 
She/he only need remain consious in feeling, open to observe the signs…
They’re everywhere and all around.

Yes, once I tasted magic and it was sweetly sublime.
I thought it would last forever. 
“Something is happening… Something wonderful!”, I said,
prepared for whatever comes next.

Then life took over,
the Light grew dimmer
and suddently there was no lead.

Does magic still exist if one can no longer see it?
Can it ever be tasted again except for fleeting moments?

~ Stephany

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