Everywhere and nowhere…Moment to moment courage to go where the road leads.

August 26, 2013

Courage wherever the road leadsOver 20 years ago I packed a bag and embarked on a life-conscious journey which guided me through 14,000 kilometers, a spiritual tune-up which reoriented the way I looked at life. Perhaps it’s just mid-life restlessness, but I’ve embarked on another one of those journeys of simply observing, feeling and allowing spirit to guide me; this time on my motorbike. I wonder what awe inspiring places and people this trip will guide me too?

I’m on this life-conscious journey for a month and in 7 days I’ve learned so much already. I’m struck by how motorcycle riding does serve spiritual awareness… You see living a conscious and spiritually aware life, means you must learn to live in the moment. In a car you can be on auto-pilot, arriving at your destination before you even realize how you got there, but riding a motorbike is a moment to moment practice of being totally conscious and aware of everything around you. Of course, you have no choice; if you aren’t aware of everything you’ll be dead. But I am learning to revel in seeing everything and experiencing everything in such a fullness of sensory experience. As fun as this is, I also realize it’s exhausting to ride for 7 days solid, I’m grateful to have couple days of comfort to relax with a friend and ponder the journey so far.

I hope to post a few of the life-lessons from the road soon… stay tuned.


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